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The course "Web-mastering" consists of four blocks:

  • Website design, development of its prototype, business model
  • The style and design of the website
  • The layout of the project (HTML and CSS)
  • Working with databases and site management system

At the site design stage, we will consider the structure of the project, analyze which sections on the site are needed and why. Then we will create an algorithm / scheme of the project and write the relationship between the pages.

At the stage of creating a website design student will receive basic skills in the graphic editor. We will analyze the various options for website design, will look for the advantages and disadvantages of each, learn how to improve the design. We will also study the issues of typography and font selection, the use of icons, icons and backgrounds. As a result, we will create different versions of the page taking into account the requirements of responsive design.

The third stage-the layout of the project-is writing the site code in HTML and CSS. We moved we drew the design of the website in the code page. We will study what is a server, hosting, domain and put our first project on the Internet.

Web-master must understand the entire internal structure of site management, because at the fourth stage, we will learn how to use MySQL databases, run the site on WordPress, create subsections and change information on the project, using the capabilities of this management system.

During the course, the student will create one or more full-fledged sites and put them on the Internet.

The course is designed for 3 months.

You will have professionally